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2022 Tournament and Outing Schedule

Our summer season is full of tournaments and events. Here’s a sample of our active schedule.

April 29 Kent State Tuscarawas Scholarship Fundraiser 12:00 Shotgun start
May 14 Mike Beachy Outing 9:00 Shotgun start
May 28 Dover Tornado Club Outing 9:00 Shotgun start
May 29 Holmes/Risher Memorial (Double wave shotgun starts)
Jun 18 Tusc. Central Catholic Booster Club/Art Teynor Memorial 9:00 Shotgun start
Jun 25 Nathan Albury Memorial Scholarship Outing 8:30 Shotgun start
Jun 27 Quaker Digital Academy Outing 10:00 Shotgun start
Jun 30 First National Bank Junior Tour 8:00 Tee times
Jul 16 Zachary Grass Memorial 8:30 Shotgun start
Jul 30 Dover Boys Basketball Booster Club 8:30 Shotgun start
Aug 3 Tusc. County Chamber of Commerce 9:00 Shotgun start
Aug 6 Marlite – Share-A-Christmas   8:00 Shotgun start
Aug 9 New Philadelphia High School Boys Invitational 10:00 Tee times
Aug 11 Muskingum Watershed Conservancy Foundation   9:00 Shotgun start
Aug 16 Dover High School Girls Invitational    10:00 Shotgun start
Aug 17 East Central Association of Realtors Outing 10:00 Shotgun start
Aug 18 Tusc. County YMCA TBA
Aug 21 Todd Cox Fundraiser   9:00 Shotgun start   
Aug 25 Tusc. County Bar Association 11:30 Start
Aug 27 Keith Johnson Memorial 9:00 Shotgun start
Aug 28 Tuesday 4 man League Playoff 8:04 Tee times
Sep 3 Dover High School Boys Invitational 10:28 Tee times
Sep 8 Pro-Rep, Inc. Outing 9:00 Shotgun start
Sep 9 ODOT District Outing 9:00 Shotgun start
Sep 22 Inter-Valley Conference 10:00 Tee times
Sep 24 Wednesday Commercial League Outing 8:30 Shotgun start
Sep 25 Tuesday 2-Man League Outing    7:48 Tee times
Sep 25 Elk’s Lodge #510 9:00 Shotgun start
Sep 26-28 Green Aerification (weather permitting)  
Oct 15 Tusc. Central Catholic Booster Club Fall Outing 9:00 Shotgun start
Oct TBA New Philadelphia Boys Basketball Booster Club Outing TBA